Glass Beer mug-Pewter Animal Handle – Ethnic Creations Zambia

Glass Beer mug-Pewter Animal Handle

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Quench your mighty thirst with one of these luxurious 25-ounce pewter power mugs! 

The Ngwenya Glass mugs are 100% recycled glass, made from bottles collected by the people of Swaziland. The certified factory is where all these stunning Fairtrade products are created.   

Or buy a set of six and double the fun at your next dinner party, happy hour gathering, or backyard BBQ. The look is both classic and contemporary. 

These products would make a lovely Groomsman, Wedding, Anniversary, Father's Day, Birthday, or Christmas gifts because of their eye-catching, breathtaking features. Bring some unique safari style to your table with pewter glassware. Simply GORGEOUS!!