Glass Bottle stoppers – Ethnic Creations Zambia

Glass Bottle stoppers

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These beautiful and unique hand blown and totally fair-trade animal bottle stoppers will make a wonderful addition to your home.  Each one with exquisite workmanship, are individually Mouth Blown and will variation in Colour, Height, and Thickness.

There are a number of different animal bottle stoppers available, including elephant, hippo, buffalo, warthog, and a giraffe.  (the BIG five - animals).

The Ngwenya Glass Stoppers are 100% recycled glass, made from bottles collected by the people of Swaziland. The registered factory is where all these stunning Fairtrade products are created.   

These products would make a lovely Bridal, Wedding, Anniversary, Mother's Day, Birthday, or Christmas gift because of their eye-catching, breathtaking features. Simply GORGEOUS!!